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The Beginning

The concept has evolved since the summer of 2013. We have 2 daughters that started playing beach volleyball. We felt a solution was needed for a new type of beach sock. Our idea was to have a 5-toe sock, to allow natural movement of the toes in the sand, while protecting the bottom of your feet. These beach socks are now being used by professionals for all sand sports. Our Tuff Sox allow total grip and the ULTIMATE BAREFOOT FEELING, while adding protecting the bottom of your feet. Tuff Sox protect your feet from hot or cold sand.

Jump Higher ~ Move Quicker

Multi-Sport Compatible

Tuff Sox were initially designed for beach volleyball. However, we have athletes using them in sand soccer, sand tennis, over-the-line, ultimate frisbee, ultra endurance racing, jogging in the sand, pilates, yoga. 

Tuff Sox Details

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“I had the opportunity to use the Tuff Sox the other day while training and I loved the 5-toe feel way better than a traditional beach sock. I was able to move my toes around freely and grip the sand more easily. I also appreciated the thinner, tighter material so it sat comfortably on my foot and did not slide down while I was playing. I would wear these socks over any other beach sock!”

Meaghan W. - Club Director & Professional Beach Volleyball Player

I refused to play with beach socks at all costs. There were several times that the sand was so hot that I got blisters. My mom convinced me to try Tuff Sox, and now I don’t play without them. Because of the fit, I can jump and move around without it affecting my play. The tight fit stops sand from getting in. Bottom line, I finally found a sock that I’ll wear!!!

Lexi M. - Current Player

I've been using Tuff Sox for Spartan racing, and I love them. Usually when I run I get blisters on my toes. With Tuff Sox, the individual toes on the sock help to prevent these blisters. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Cameron S. - Semi-Professional Obstacle Course Racer

We went on a power walk on the sand...these were PERFECT! Thank you!!

Veronica A.

I qualified for my first AVP Main Draw in 2006. Now playing at a professional level for 15 years in many different countries but primarily in California, I've had my share of blisters and burnt-off toenails.  10 days ago I made the amateur move of scheduling a triple-day during the annual heat wave in California. The obvious result was severe blisters on my toes. I've seen a couple players using Tuff Sox so I ordered a pair. I was BLOWN AWAY at how awesome they are. Extremely comfortable, you forget that they are on, no decrease in playing level, and they are so discreet that your friends barely notice them (so you get to avoid the usual heckling you receive when wearing other socks!). Just wanted to say thanks for being innovative.  

Jon Mesko

@FullOnBeachSoccer aims to bring fans, players, and coaches together from across the globe to grow the sport of beach soccer. Through highlight reels, clips of training sessions, and interviews with top tier beach soccer players and coaches, we strive to #SpreadTheSand and introduce people to this beautiful game! We want to thank Tuff Sox for their amazing product and their partnership in helping us #SpreadTheSand. Tuff Sox provide total grip like no other and will make everyone want to get out on the sand as soon as possible. Follow us on Instagram and listen to #SpreadTheSand on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or Anchor to learn about all the ways the beach soccer community is growing.

Dillon Thompson

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