Does the sand get inside the sock on the bottom?

No.  Tuff Sox are engineered with a combination of materials that wicks away the moisture from the feet, while keeping them snug.  Further, they are tight around the ankle area, so no sand gets in from the top. We do not use cotton, which swells from sweat and allows sand intake.

Will my toes fit? 

Yes!  Upon first use, they take a little extra effort to shimmy them over each toe, especially the pinky toe.  We recommend putting the TOES IN FIRST, and then pulling over the heel area.  With the warmth of your foot, they will mold to your feet.  After usage, they become easier to put on the foot. 

Are Tuff Sox good for cold sand?

Yes!  Tuff Sox are perfect gear for cold sand. Tuff Sox keep your toes warm, allowing you to move naturally in the sand. 

Are Tuff Sox Waterproof?

Unfortunately, they are not 100% waterproof.

Will we be getting more colors?

As of now, we only offer a light-gray color.   Hopefully in the future we will be able to offer more colors.   What color would YOU like to use in the future? Please let us know.

Can I work with TUFFSOX or become an Ambassador?

YES!!  We would love to have our community support and show the world our product!  Email us at Info@TuffSox.com with your name, address, Social Media profiles, and a brief description of why you want to work with us!  

What would I do as an Ambassador?

Simply, you would share our product on your social media and share content with us to potentially have it posted on our social media! In exchange you would get a code for you and your friends with a discount on our product!  We could also be open to other arrangements, so just shoot us an email!