Does the sand get inside the sock on the bottom?

No. Tuff Sox use a combination of materials that wicks away the moisture, yet keeping the sock super snug to the foot. Cotton socks swell from the sweat of the foot, thus leaving gaps which allowing sand to enter.  They are also extra tight around the ankle, so no sand gets in from the top either.


Will my toes fit into the sock toes?

Yes. Upon first use, they take a little extra effort to shimmy them over each toe.  Especially the pinky toe.  Just keep jamming the smallest toe in and it will fit.  They will stretch out.  After that, they will be a lot easier to get on the toes after the first use.


Are TuffSox good for cold sand?

Yes.  Tuff Sox are also perfect gear for cold sand as well. Tuff Sox keep your toes warm, allowing you to move naturally in the sand.


Will we be getting more colors?

Hopefully in the future, we will be able to offer more colors.  As of now, we only have one color.